10 Things You Need to Know About iOS10

Apple launched the new iPhone 7 this month alongside its latest operating system, iOS10. Today’s blog will run through 10 significant changes to the software to improve productivity.


Thanks to the new release, Apple now has an improved built-in Messaging option to compete with Whats App and Facebook Messenger. Apart from sending stickers, transitions, reactions and larger emojis, Apple now offers you the opportunity to experience emojification functionality too.


The most notable change integrated with iOS 10 is its improved notification system coupled with quick reply option. Because of this feature, you can access media like videos and images without opening the apps; it is a matter of tapping or force pressing the notification accordingly for a quick response.


With the improved notification feature, the Apple’s lockscreen has improved functionality. There are some useful widgets in this screen which can be accessible when swiping right including quick access to your schedule, favourite apps, weather info and headline news.

Delete stock apps

Apple now gives you the option to delete most Apple apps allowing you to free up valuable space on your home screen for your most used apps. Although it is not a complete deletion process, it prevents the apps from appearing on the home screen.

Control Centre

Control Centre now comes with two panes. One shows the regular quick controls while the other pane shows music. This second pane comes with controls related to music; it is exceptionally useful when you use the hands-free functionality.

Better 3D experience

With the new improvements, iOS10 supports more 3D features now. The entire system is compatible with more gestures for the pressure-sensitive screen of the iPhone 6 and

Apple Photos

Apple Photos has become even user-friendlier and now it has the features of competitor apps such as Google Photos. It comes with built-in features for facial recognition, smart grouping and many other options.

Apple Maps

With the latest upgrades, Apple Maps now offers traffic and faster route notifications and suggestions for places nearby. Now, the interface of the Apple Map looks simpler and cleaner. Although it doesn’t overdo sophisticated Google Maps, Apple Maps is showing clear progress.

Apple Music

Apple has looked to improve Apple Music’s functionality, which was criticised at launch. However, with iOS 10, Apple has addressed these issues. With the recent update, music is easy to access, editing is made easy and overall manipulation has become more convenient.


Yes, iOS 10 comes with major improvements to Siri. Now it supports virtually any Apple App. With the new features, Siri shows more intelligence when performing different types of tasks. Also, it is now integrated with the QuickType keyboard for additional productivity.

Overall, with iOS 10, Apple is making major advancements to enhance the daily tasks and challenges of its users. iOS10 now comes preinstalled with the new iPhone 7 which is available to new and existing clients from Yellowcom. Get it touch.



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