3 Ways To Drive Down Enterprise Telecoms Costs

With the cost of living crisis rumbling on and showing no real signs of stopping just yet, no doubt businesses across all industries and sectors are looking at how they can reduce costs to keep head above water during these turbulent times.

All areas of life have become more expensive over the last few years and telecoms is certainly no exception, with many customers having to face rising costs for phone, mobile and broadband services. 

So, with this in mind, how can you go about saving money on telecoms as a business? Here are some top tips from the Yellowcom team.


#1 Change your provider

If you don’t have a specified price rise in your contract and your provider hikes the prices anyway, you can legally break your contract and find another provider without running the risk of penalties. Providers are obliged to inform customers about any price increases (or any other changes, in fact) at least 30 days before they’re rolled out.


#2 Use computers as phones

With remote and hybrid working fast becoming the norm, one of the best ways to ensure workers remain connected without having to pay exorbitant costs is to look into how cloud telephony can facilitate the use of computers and laptops as phones. All you need to do is st a softphone system up and speak into a headset!


#3 Conduct an expense audit

Knowing where and how you’re spending your money is the first step towards reducing costs. A telecoms expense audit will identify any incorrect charges and any unnecessary services that you may be paying for.

You may find that switching provider is the best option after you’ve carried out your audit, allowing you to make savings and enjoy better customer service elsewhere.


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