VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is quickly becoming the standard for most businesses. But is it the right choice for your practice? At Yellowcom, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide looking at the pros and cons of VoIP phone systems to help you decide. VoIP Advantages and Disadvantages: Overview VoIP Advantages As experienced VoIP providers … Read more

In the modern world of telecoms, reliable broadband and telephone systems are essential for any successful dental practice. For you, and many other dentists, managing these technologies takes time and attention away from patient care. This article explores how Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can revolutionise dental practices, allowing dentists to spend more time with … Read more

VoIP For Small Business How to Make the Transition to VoIP for Your Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gradually replaced traditional telecom systems for many businesses, and for small businesses, it has become an indispensable technology. With the rise of hybrid and remote working, VoIP systems have surged in popularity. Today, there are … Read more

BT has decided to postpone the switch-off of traditional copper landlines across the UK until 2027. This delay comes after discovering issues with telecare alarms, which are crucial for 1.8 million vulnerable individuals who rely on these emergency devices. Initially planned for the end of next year, the switch to digital services is now extended … Read more

2025 Analogue Switch-Off What You Need To Know To Keep Your Business Connected UPDATE May 2024: BT announced the delay of the ‘Switch-off’ to 2027. You can read more about the decision and what it means for you here. 2025 will signal the end of the analogue copper wire, or traditional, ‘landlines’. What does this mean … Read more

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