New Horizon Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

New Horizon Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

Our trusted partner, Gamma, has recently rolled out a new Horizon call recording service, which puts more focus on the needs of you as a customer. Also offering a restructured pricing strategy that is pretty much guaranteed to save you money compared to your current call recording service!

gamma horizon call recording

About Gamma's Horizon Call Recording

Call recording is not a new concept, especially for Gamma who have provided a call recording service for years. However, Gamma have gone above and beyond to revise their current service and create their own Horizon call recording system which looks to exceed other call recording platforms. They have worked to resolve any ongoing issues that you may be facing with your current call recording service. This includes increased security, improving user experience and giving more customisable features – such as custom admin access.

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How Does Company Call Recording Work?

Gamma business call recording has been custom made and integrated with Horizon. It can be used in conjunction with the Horizon portal to record incoming, outgoing and, as of the newest model, internal calls. Calls can be recorded from any Horizon device, whether this be landline or mobile.

This new service allows you to listen to calls on an online platform, meaning you won’t need to bulk download files to ensure you have them stored for the required time period. This can add an extra sense of security which can be essential for data protection. However, bulk download is still an option if you do need to store the calls elsewhere.

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What Makes it Stand Out from The Old Service?

There are a few benefits and features that makes Gamma's new call recording service stand out from other types of call recording software that are currently on the market;

No Limits on Recorded Calls

One of the main benefits is that you can record unlimited calls. Data will now be stored within your chosen time period rather than charging you for the amount of storage space you require.

Price Point

With Gamma's new call recording, comes a new pricing structure. You will no longer pay for the number of calls you need to record or the storage space you require. There are two packages with various options, including; Business package, with storage options of 3, 6, 12 or 36 months. There is also a compliant call recording package you can store unlimited calls for 7 years.

horizon mobile call recording

Multiple Access Policy

The multiple access policy adds an extra layer of security to your voice recording service by only allowing approved parties access to certain types of calls.

Global User – admin users, have access to and the ability to do anything on the portal, including creating and deleting users and downloading any recording.

Team User – for team supervisors, can listen and access calls for particular groups of users - specified by the global user.

Staff User – can access and listen to their own call recordings.

Support User – read only view of the portal to help provide support, no access to call recordings or any sensitive data (this will be the level of access that we will receive if you opt for new Gamma business call recording at Yellowcom).

secure business call recording

Data Handling Compliance

Gamma call recording is great for any type of industry, no matter what the requirements are on data handling.

  • GDPR compliant
  • MIFID2 compliant – access to audit trails, encrypted storage: AES-256 bit encryption, calls stored for 7 years.
data handling

That being said, you, as a responsible business, will still need to take the appropriate measures to ensure that you are doing your part in protecting your customers data.

Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

These are just a handful of the new and improved features that are offered with Gamma's Horizon call recording at Yellowcom. If you would like more information or want to sign up to Gamma business call recording, then get in touch with us today!

Collaborate is here!

Communication has always been key to the success of any business small or large. Businesses need to be agile and respond to customers quickly and efficiently to deliver the high level of service you strive for. In order to do this employees need to be equipped with the right tools which allows for both seamless internal & external communication. By effectively connecting people, applications and clouds you can transform the way information is shared which in turn increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

Hosted phone system provider Gamma have now released Horizon Collaborate bolt on which offers instant messaging, voice, video, file sharing all in one application both mobile & desktop. It is fully integrated with your hosted phone system therefore supports all the functionality/features of the telephony service for a perfect unified communications experience. This integration also allows you to utilise your included call minutes therefore no longer paying for expensive conference numbers.

Collaborate Conferencing Features

Does the traditional meeting need a makeover?

A survey showed half of all employees think meetings are a total waste of time. We all know the importance of meetings, you need to keep everyone informed, connected and working towards the same goal. Collaborate is looking to help solve this problem of meeting fatigue by making it easier to set up as well as engage in.

Step 1 is to give everyone their own ‘meeting room’! Traditional phone conferences can be clunky every step of the way, do you know your dial in code? Have you mistyped your access code? Even once you’re on the call you cannot share your desktop or even facial reaction which eventually leads to boredom where you start to multitask and lose focus. Thankfully collaborate addresses all these issues with one ‘click to join’ link. You can video conference up to 15 people and share applications and files on demand.

Collaborate Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing

Step 2 is to get everyone using the mobile app! You can control your availability but can experience conferencing just the same on the go. An extra feature is if you are using your personal mobile you can still display your business phone number when you join a meeting which is handy.

Step 3 is to set up collaborative work spaces! You can set up different work spaces for different departments, job roles or projects which allow you to drag and drop files as well as easily message/call work space members.

It’s an exciting service with great potential especially with boasting phone system integration, so please feel free to get in touch if you think this could add value to your business. If you are an existing horizon customer, we can add the bolt on free for two months for you to trial.

Collaborate Video Conferencing

Yellowcom Achieves Gamma Gold Partner Status

We’re delighted to announce that Yellowcom have been awarded Gold Partner status with Gamma. Furthermore as the only Gold Partner in Northern Ireland and one of only three in Scotland it’s testament to how Yellowcom have supported our customers over the years.

Yellowcom have been a Gamma partner since 2011 primarily as a mobile reseller and have transformed into a fully unified comms provider now offering Hosted, On Premise, Data and MPLS solutions. Additionally, having been an early adopter of the Horizon platform we have over 1500 live users and that’s set to double this year.

The criteria set for the Gold Partner status is high and Yellowcom have proven to be a highly deserving partner. The Gold Partner Programme opens up further exciting benefits to Yellowcom including marketing development funding, face to face marketing consultancy, premium feature access to the Gamma partner marketing portal and a managed service for design and campaign management.

Voltair Case Study

The Problem

We approached Yellowcom to our become our telecoms provider after our new supplier let the business down by fitting a flawed VOIP system. After installation, the system’s poor performance impacted our company’s essential day to day operations and our new supplier was unable to identify the cause of the issue.

The Solution

We arranged an appointment with Andrew at Yellowcom to attend our premises and investigate the issue. Within minutes Yellowcom could establish that our broadband connection was the underlying problem and not the phone system itself. After resolving our broadband and phone system we instantly switched those services across to Yellowcom due to their superior industry knowledge.

As well as fixing our broadband and phone systems they upgraded our services to manage our phone system through an online portal that allows us to manage call traffic, run daily reports, and pick up calls on the move.

“We have built up a great working relationship with the Yellowcom team over the last 10 years, not just with Andrew but with the office staff too.  We started off by moving our VOIP services across to fix our initial problem. Now they service our mobile account, phone system, broadband and Office 365 account which is the best recommendation I can give. We have experienced the true benefits of having one supplier for all our telecom needs.” Managing Director, Voltair

Get in touch

Single-Site Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Hosted Telephony too

Hosted telephony has long been perceived as a communication solution for businesses that operate across multiple sites. Quick and easy set up and the limited equipment required is perfect for businesses with multiple offices and limited time to manage their communication infrastructure.

However, there are multiple benefits to having cloud based hosted telephony installed in a single site premises and our blog today will explore these benefits.

Future Proof your System

Upgrading your current phone solution is a strenuous task for both the channel partner and the customer – and sometimes it appears the expenditure is not worth the rewards. However, many businesses fail to consider that keeping a older phone system in place can be just as costly.

Moving your telephone system to the cloud has the appeal of moving with the times and many businesses do so without fully understanding the full benefits of their newly installed system. Unlike the physical alternative, a cloud system can be updated instantly with new features and applications to ensure you develop your communications infrastructure as your business grows – adding to or upgrading your system as the technology advances.

Reducing your company’s downtime

Although single-site businesses are less susceptible to downtimes associated with extreme weather conditions they are not completely protected. Snowstorms and floods, for instance, can take the standard phone system down. The advantage to hosted is that it doesn’t require any physical infrastructure on the user’s end. This means little or no downtime for the customer and fewer repairs for the channel partner.

Grow Your Business Without Limitations

Single-office businesses with significant strategic development plans are always faced with a growth dilemma not because they lack customers, but their telephone infrastructure constrains them. With hosted, however, that’s a thing of the past. You can switch to a package with more lines, more options, and more features in no time. Not to mention the savings associated with the initial setup, constant upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to find out more information about hosted telephony or would like expert advice on how you can improve your telephone system get in touch today.

Empowering Businesses With Self-Service Telephony

Recently, the SIP trunking market has seen a high increase. Clients are now more informed about the cost advantages of the technology; channel retailers must target its additional benefits to provide real value.

For resellers, offering extra overlying services provides additional worth to SIP Trunking and gives better margin opportunity, for instance, combining SIP with inbound call control. Overlaying extra services helps you to build on your outstanding product value and deliver enhanced client satisfaction. Below is how overlaying extra service helps you build your product value.

Better call estate management

Your clients know that data analysis forms the bedrock of all business decisions and telephony is no different. When you include call control behaviour to SIP Trunking, everything can be tracked and analysed. From call patterns to call behaviour, time to answer and caller detailer – this information can be captured and analysed to provide insights to improve future performance.

Clients can also use this data to acquire insight into their operational planning. By understanding when phone calls are busy, they can guarantee they have got the appropriate amount of personnel available and adequate telephony capability to manage all inbound calls.

No more missed opportunities

With a call control system, email alerts can be posted in the event of a missed call. This guarantees your clients are always informed of any unanswered calls and can be perfect for sales focussed businesses who are focused on lead generation.

Missed calls can offer perceptions about how current systems are functioning. Whether as a result of lacking staff, or regularly busy lines, these figures can help paint a picture of possible missed business opportunities and help present a case for increased resources or functional change.

Improved customer service

The idea of ‘normal’ working hours is now a thing of the past. Today, the Internet has increased everyone’s customer services expectations with many expecting around the clock servicing. This can be difficult for smaller companies to implement.

However, with the appropriate telephony, businesses can still provide a positive customer experience even if there are no staff available to answer the phones. Call routing can be planned ahead of time to match business hours, while customized voicemail can prompt clients to leave information about an ideal time to call again.

Business continuity

Phone outages can arise for many reasons – whether it’s due to damage or a natural disaster, these exterior forces tend to be beyond anyone’s control. However, a business continuity strategy can perpetuate connectivity. Call management systems redirect inbound calls when required. By immediately recovering the last call plan, businesses have a dependable solution that instantly preserves business continuity in case of an office evacuation.

A SIP trunk call management system allows your clients to understand the advantages of SIP technology completely. This self-service potential indicates they can regulate and control their telephony estate to provide the freedom to concentrate on building your client base.

Mission Xmas Cash For Kids

1 in 4 children are living in poverty.

We’re asking you to buy an extra present that we can give to a disadvantaged local child to make their Christmas morning special. We need new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0-18 years, and you can donate at our Glasgow and Belfast Offices from the 14th November.

Donate Cash

If you are unable to donate a present cash donations will be used to purchase gifts for age groups where we’re short on donations, and if there’s any left over after Christmas it’ll go towards our next grant round to support local disabled and disadvantaged children.

Get in touch with Diane McColm at for payment instructions.

Donation Offices

Belfast Address
Yellowcom Limited
22A Stockmans Way
Telephone 0289 560 7600

Glasgow Address
Yellowcom Limited
200 Bath street
G2 4HG
Telephone 0141 882 4563

Four Ways Excellent Telecoms Service Can Boost Business Performance

For small to medium-sized companies, any specific benefit over a rival can be crucial. Margins are tight, functioning expenses matter, and staff resources are limited. Therefore, enhancing a business-critical service such as telecoms can have a huge impact on performance and profitability. This post examines three ways an impressive telecoms service can boost your performance.

1. Staying Connected

Ensuring business continuity and minimising downtime are essential to business success. However, it stands to reason that there will be occasions when systems don’t work precisely as they should. Service makes a huge difference at this point.

Many suppliers take a reactive approach, waiting for customers to notify them of any service problems or upkeep issues, others suppliers proactively monitor clients accounts and notify them of any irregularities in data usage or network traffic. It is highly unlikely that there will be any issues but a proactive approach ensures that any potential problems are rectified to ensure continuity and minimising downtime.

2. Versatile finance

Naturally, frequent billing is essential to suppliers, but should not be prioritised over a customers needs. For this purpose, flexible payments are now inherent with superior telecoms suppliers providing clients with the capability to access expenses online and set up dashboards to gain a holistic view of usage and spend. Furthermore, it eliminates the one-size-fits-all, payments choices of the past.

3. Telecoms administration

Today’s businesses are tech-reliant, with an enormous and varied choice of devices and systems, with the intention that staff have the flexibility to work efficiently at home, in the office and on the road. This creates a requirement for an experienced IT employee to service and maintain mobility device management, software upgrades, and requires businesses to have the functionality to remotely administer staff permissions.

Many small businesses can’t afford a full time IT employee which is acknowledged by superior telecoms suppliers who have committed account supervision teams to help manage updates, staff permissions, and bolt-on solutions to meet client requirements.

Maintaining your client first

Businesses looking for a quality telecoms service should keep in mind that not every telecoms company can offer the same level of service. High standards rely on ‘customer-first’ mindset that drives a proactive approach to network infrastructure, support, and billing analysis to ensure continuity, minimal downtime and billing efficiency. Getting a company with all of these features can lead to huge business benefits, both on the frontline and in the back-office.

Yellowcom is a leading UK mobile and landline provider who has been delivering services to businesses from their offices in Glasgow and Belfast for over 10 years.

If you require expert advice on how to improve your business’s telecommunications infrastructure, please get in touch for free advice.


Yellowcom Sponsors Crumlin United U13s

Yellowcom is delighted to announce the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Crumlin United U13s for season 2016/17.

The sponsorship has enabled all fifteen Crumlin United players to be supplied with and wear high performance Nike kits for away matches. As part of the sponsorship deal the shirts worn by the U13s team will showcase the Yellowcom company logo throughout the season until May 2017.

Crumlin United coach, Sean, has been enthused by the support and commented “It’s a real boost for football club, that we’ve had this early support from Yellowcom.”

Photo shows Yellowcom director, Andrew Laing, with the team before their 4-0 win over Antrim Rovers on Saturday.

10 Things You Need to Know About iOS10

Apple launched the new iPhone 7 this month alongside its latest operating system, iOS10. Today’s blog will run through 10 significant changes to the software to improve productivity.


Thanks to the new release, Apple now has an improved built-in Messaging option to compete with Whats App and Facebook Messenger. Apart from sending stickers, transitions, reactions and larger emojis, Apple now offers you the opportunity to experience emojification functionality too.


The most notable change integrated with iOS 10 is its improved notification system coupled with quick reply option. Because of this feature, you can access media like videos and images without opening the apps; it is a matter of tapping or force pressing the notification accordingly for a quick response.


With the improved notification feature, the Apple’s lockscreen has improved functionality. There are some useful widgets in this screen which can be accessible when swiping right including quick access to your schedule, favourite apps, weather info and headline news.

Delete stock apps

Apple now gives you the option to delete most Apple apps allowing you to free up valuable space on your home screen for your most used apps. Although it is not a complete deletion process, it prevents the apps from appearing on the home screen.

Control Centre

Control Centre now comes with two panes. One shows the regular quick controls while the other pane shows music. This second pane comes with controls related to music; it is exceptionally useful when you use the hands-free functionality.

Better 3D experience

With the new improvements, iOS10 supports more 3D features now. The entire system is compatible with more gestures for the pressure-sensitive screen of the iPhone 6 and

Apple Photos

Apple Photos has become even user-friendlier and now it has the features of competitor apps such as Google Photos. It comes with built-in features for facial recognition, smart grouping and many other options.

Apple Maps

With the latest upgrades, Apple Maps now offers traffic and faster route notifications and suggestions for places nearby. Now, the interface of the Apple Map looks simpler and cleaner. Although it doesn’t overdo sophisticated Google Maps, Apple Maps is showing clear progress.

Apple Music

Apple has looked to improve Apple Music’s functionality, which was criticised at launch. However, with iOS 10, Apple has addressed these issues. With the recent update, music is easy to access, editing is made easy and overall manipulation has become more convenient.


Yes, iOS 10 comes with major improvements to Siri. Now it supports virtually any Apple App. With the new features, Siri shows more intelligence when performing different types of tasks. Also, it is now integrated with the QuickType keyboard for additional productivity.

Overall, with iOS 10, Apple is making major advancements to enhance the daily tasks and challenges of its users. iOS10 now comes preinstalled with the new iPhone 7 which is available to new and existing clients from Yellowcom. Get it touch.