UPDATE: BT phone line switch off

Openreach has already started phasing out the traditional landline, soon businesses will need to move to the cloud.


Switch off is a term you’re going to hear increasingly over the next couple of years. Openreach are making the traditional ISDN phone lines redundant, in favour of their new and improved cloud systems (aka VoIP). Even if your current provider is Virgin or Sky, your phone still runs on BT lines.

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How does it affect you?

If your business uses a phone line, the switch off will affect you.

Your phone line could also be linked to; security systems, alarms, lifts and fax machines

We recommend switching in plenty time to avoid any complications and get the most out of your new system now. The cloud system is easier to use, with all-in-one communication solutions and useful apps for on-the-go available. We understand not everyone likes change, you can still opt to use a standard desk phone with VoIP.

We can provide demos and full training on our VoIP systems, helping you find the right one for you and ensuring that all members of staff are up to speed with the features.

Why are the phone lines being switched off?

The digital switchover is a natural progression to better, more convenient telephony services. Technology has advanced and there are now simpler, cheaper, and more effective ways to communicate than before.


Cloud systems are more accessible, easily scalable, and don't require large-scale installation projects.

When is the switch off?

The switch off has already begun. The sale and install of new lines has ceased. With the switch off taking place over the next couple of years years.

You may be wondering, why this is even relevant now? I've got plenty time. Openreach are going to be raising their prices every year up until the lines become obsolete. Although not essential at the moment, acting sooner rather than later is going to have the biggest benefit to your business.

What are the benefits of switching over to VoIP?

Reduced Line Rental

We have seen reduced costs for every customer who has moved from standard lines to a VoIP system. With VoIP you are charged per licence, rather than by how many calls you are making. All calls to and from UK landline and mobiles are free on the new system. Need to make calls abroad? We can set you up with an international calls package to suit your needs and reduce your costs.

Scalable and Flexible

A VoIP phone system is a more scalable and flexible solution. Not only can you add and subtract lines as and when you need them, you can also move premise with ease and take all your current numbers with you.

Got staff working from home? You can easily use a VoIP system anywhere with a broadband connection.


Better Communication

A faster, upgraded, more dedicated system is inevitably going to lead to better communication. VoIP can give a clearer signal than a regular landline. If you are worried that your broadband is not good enough for a system like this, there is no need to worry. Openreach isn’t only switching up their phone lines, they are aiming to move all broadband lines to FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) – which is the strongest broadband connection available. We can also set you up with backup failover connections to help ensure that if your broadband does go down, your phone system will not be affected.

The Basics: What is the difference between ISDN and VoIP?


ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Signal) lines have been standard in homes and businesses since the 1980’s. These are physical lines, made from copper wire, which run underground and into different premises to provide the most common types of landline and broadband connections.


VoIP (Voice Over IP) is the new system, which has already been introduced and will soon replace the old ISDN lines completely. VoIP uses wireless technology, which allows you to streamline your communications and use your phone system anywhere with a broadband connection.

Once you switch to the cloud, you have the opportunity to make and receive business calls from a landline, mobile or desktop.

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