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Communication has always been key to the success of any business small or large. Businesses need to be agile and respond to customers quickly and efficiently to deliver the high level of service you strive for. In order to do this employees need to be equipped with the right tools which allows for both seamless internal &external communication. By effectively connecting people, applications and clouds you can transform the way information is shared which in turn increases productivity and customer satisfaction.


Hosted phone system provider Gamma have now released Horizon Collaborate bolt on which offers instant messaging, voice, video, file sharing all in one application both mobile & desktop. It is fully integrated with your hosted phone system therefore supports all the functionality/features of the telephony service for a perfect unified communications experience. This integration also allows you to utilise your included call minutes therefore no longer paying for expensive conference numbers.


Collaborate Conferencing Features


Does the traditional meeting need a makeover?


A survey showed half of all employees think meetings are a total waste of time. We all know the importance of meetings, you need to keep everyone informed, connected and working towards the same goal. Collaborate is looking to help solve this problem of meeting fatigue by making it easier to set up as well as engage in.


Step 1 is to give everyone their own ‘meeting room’ Traditional phone conferences can be clunky every step of the way, do you know your dial in code? Have you mistyped your access code? Even once you’re on the call you cannot share your desktop or even facial reaction which eventually leads to boredom where you start to multitask and lose focus. Thankfully collaborate addresses all these issues with one ‘click to join’ link. You can video conference up to 15 people and share applications and files on demand.


Collaborate Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing


Step 2 is to get everyone using the mobile app! You can control your availability but can experience conferencing just the same on the go. An extra feature is if you are using your personal mobile you can still display your business phone number when you join a meeting which is handy.


Step 3 is to set up collaborative workspaces! You can set up different workspaces for different departments, job roles or projects which allow you to drag and drop files as well as easily message/call workspace members.


It’s an exciting service with great potential especially with boasting phone system integration, so please feel free to get in touch if you think this could add value to your business. If you are an existing horizon customer, we can add the bolt on free for two months for you to trial.

Collaborate Video Conferencing


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