Dark Web Monitoring

Your business could be at risk!

Cyber hacks are more prevalent than ever. With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of hackers – and it can be difficult for the average business to keep up.
CyberSight takes the stress of cyber monitoring out of your hands.



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The risk of stolen credentials

Cybercriminals use the dark web as a lucrative network to obtain credentials, such as usernames and passwords, illegally. They can then use this information to access your business networks and applications. Breaches such as these can affect the functionality of your business, and cause incomprehensible damage to business, including financial loss, data loss and reputation loss.

Your business credentials on the dark web

Third party websites and applications that your staff use becoming breached is often why your employees data will end up on the dark web.

47% of people use the same usernames and passwords across multiple sites and applications, so if a hacker is looking to target your business, there is a high possibility that the credentials they obtain from your employees will give them the keys to your business network. A staggering 81% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen and/or weak passwords.

Protect your business with cyber security

Gain visibility of dark web exposure 

Gaining visibility helps neutralise the threat of stolen credentials. CyberSight scans the dark web for your business domains and reports back instances where employee credentials have been breached and appear on the dark web. Giving you more of an understanding of any risk your organisation may face.

Immediately work to resolve

Get remediation advice with your report to update credentials when required, which is one of the most important steps to take. We also recommend ensuring the correct policies are put in place - such as a strong password policy. As well as the right technology in place - such as a password manager and security awareness training. This will increase the protection that your business has against hackers.

Ongoing monitoring and alerts

24/7 monitoring enables you to always keep on top of data leaks on the dark web. You will get an alert notification that will update you on the breach there and then. Giving you information on which employees' data has been compromised and which passwords they need to change.

Benefits of cyber services at Yellowcom

24 x 7 monitoring

CyberSight is always operating and monitoring new breaches relating to your business. Allowing you to keep one step ahead of cyber-attacks.

Breach alerts

You will receive alerts when there is evidence of a new breach found on the dark web. Allowing you to be on respond quickly to verifying and updating logins and secure your business against the risk of stolen credentials. Significantly closing the attack window and helping keep your important data safe.

Monthly reports

Your report gives you everything you need to be able to stay protected against stolen credentials on the dark web. Including alerting you to the exact passwords that have been stolen, allowing you to easily mitigate the risk and secure your business.

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