Disaster Recovery

Business and communication go hand in hand, so when your broadband goes down, this can cause great strain on your business. That’s why we are offering you a free disaster recovery survey, to help establish any extra precautions that can be put into place if your broadband or power were to go down unexpectedly. At Yellowcom, we always aim to provide the best service possible and resolve any issues promptly, however, applying these systems can help safeguard your day to day communications.

What Disaster Recovery Can Help Cover

We have all experienced some sort of difficulty with technology at one point or another, that’s why we have a dedicated team of qualified engineers on hand to assist with any issues that you may be experiencing. Disaster recovery can allow your system to stay up and running whilst our team find a solution to the problem. Some of the most common issues that our disaster recovery services can combat include;

  • Power outages
  • Network outages

Solutions We Can Provide

We believe in being proactive to prevent problems that may arise and have a variety of preventative solutions on hand if things do unfortunately go wrong. Some of the solutions that we can put in place for you include;

  • Call diverts
  • Secondary/third broadband line
  • Additional router
  • UPS system
  • Wireless failover

Personalised Disaster Recovery Plans

We offer tailored disaster recovery solutions to suit the level of support you require, at a cost that works for your business. Our engineers can offer you free, no obligation advice on how you can prepare for your system going down. Multiple sites? You can also tailor plans for each site separately to suit your needs for each.

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Don’t Miss an Opportunity

Downtime on your broadband may mean that opportunities for your business are missed. In the competitive world of business, you want to be responsive and quick off the mark. Disaster recovery from Yellowcom helps you stay connected.

Cost Effective

A disaster recovery plan is a cost-effective solution to keep operations up and running if your system were to go down. If you are reliant on the internet for day to day activity, then a few hours of downtime could end up costing your business time and money.


If you would like to add to your disaster recovery plan you can! As stated before, we can offer multiple levels of recovery to suit you.

Puts You at Ease

Having a backup system in place can help put your mind at ease, knowing that you don’t need to worry if your primary system goes down. For much of the time with disaster recovery, you will not be able to tell that there is even an issue. As the system will automatically kick in when it needs to, keeping you seamlessly connected.

Still not sure if disaster recovery is right for you? Get in touch today and one of our experience engineers will give you a free, no-obligation site survey!