How To Improve The Sound Quality Of A VoIP Phone Call

Since working from home became the norm in the pandemic, voice-over-IP (VoIP) has taken over, allowing people to conduct phone conversations over the internet as opposed to phone lines. 

However, some people might have struggled with the sound quality of their VoIP calls, especially if they do not have a high-speed connection when working from home. 

The first thing to do to improve the quality of the phone call, therefore, is to make sure you have a good internet line. 

This is especially required if more than one person is working from home and using different VoIP phone systems at the same time, putting extra pressure on the internet. 

PC Mag recommends letting the router provider know to prioritise VoIP traffic over other types of data, as this will ensure the phone call gets a better connection. 

“You should be able to point your router to voice traffic, but the challenge is configuring it,” it states, reminding workers to get assistance from their IT department if they are unsure what to do. 

It is also wise to only use high-quality phone equipment, particularly headsets, adapters, and even session initiation protocol (SIP)-compliant phones. 

These have features like speakerphone, multi-line hold, and wireless headsets. 

Businesses should also sign up to the best VoIP providers on the market, as quality varies significantly between them. 

As well as sound clarity, customer service may also differ a lot from one provider to the next. 

So, if you are working from home and suffering with poor customer service, sound quality or other problems when it comes to video conference calls, it is worth bringing it up with your managers.

They may have received the same complaints from other members of staff, and enough grievances about conference call quality might encourage them to consider changing VoIP providers entirely. 

After all, with more and more people working from home, in different offices or internationally, it is essential employees can have good-quality calls at all times.


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