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  • Save on operational costs
  • Decrease pressure on staff as calls are handled more efficiently
  • Doctors and other members of staff can appear as if they are calling from the practice number whilst working at home


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Your Problems, Our Solutions

We are experienced in providing phone systems to the healthcare sector, working with a variety of dentists, doctors and pharmacies, and have found that they all currently running into similar problems with their phone systems.

“Staff working from home full/part time”

Intelligent app allows staff to make calls from home, whilst appearing as if they are phoning from the practice number. This improves the security and privacy of employees. If a patient misses the call and tries to phone back, this will ring straight through to your practice’s main number. If you’d prefer an individual to get in touch to a member of staff directly, they can use their extension number.

“With increased demand, the lines are overwhelmingly busy”

Auto attendant can be introduced to automatically direct call traffic. It can also be set up to let patients know where they are in the queue. This service is fully customisable and different auto attendants can be set up for different times of the day.

“We are unable to get a clear view of staff productivity whilst they are working from home”

We can provide analytic software that allows you to track call performance and stats. This gives detailed call reporting and allows you to build a profile of individual or departmental performance. Covering everything from amount of time spent on the phone, number of phone calls missed and can help ensure that targets are being met. Practices have found that this is a useful tool to keep staff motivated and track overall call performance.

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Key features

PA system – messages can be put out across all phones from the office

Hot desk – allows staff to login to move from one desk to another and login to their extension from wherever they are in the practice

Hunt groups – multiple hunt groups can be set up for different departments, meaning if a call was missed by one person, it would be transferred over to another person in that group

Call recording – 7 years+ of call recording storage can be included in your package

GDPR compliance – all software meets GDPR compliance regulations

Headsets – we can provide a range of headsets to meet individual requirements

Choosing Yellowcom

  • Reliable and friendly local team – always happy to help, our team will make sure that any questions or issues you may have are resolved in a timely manner
  • Bespoke maintenance packages - ensuring that your communications stay up and running is essential, our maintenance packages allow you to cover all areas of communication in the event of unforeseen disruption
  • Remote installation – if you opt for a cloud phone system with us, we can install and maintain it completely remotely

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