Telecoms for Manufacturing and Construction

Working in manufacturing and construction requires strategic planning and effective communication, it is crucial to never miss an opportunity. We provide phone, broadband and landline solutions to businesses across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Creating personalised packages to help you tackle key communication problems within your industry and improve the effectiveness of your communication services.

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Reduce monthly costs

We work hard to keep our prices competitively low, giving our customers the best for their budget. Working with some of the best phone systems in the market, we are confident that we will have a service that is suitable for you and can save you money along the way. Get a free quote with absolutely no obligation and see if you could save today.

Efficient and easy to use

No one wants to work with a cumbersome phone system that is outdated and inefficient to use. Even the least tech-savvy people can work our modern phone systems with ease, however, we can offer free training to you and all your team, if you think this would be beneficial. Want a free demo? Get in contact with us and arrange yours today.

Improve productivity and workflow

There are many options available to modern construction and manufacturing businesses that are looking to improve their productivity. Modern technology now gives you access to a whole host of features including a completely portable landline number, project management and location tracking.

Useful for Your industry

With over 14 years experience, we have worked across many industries, here are some of the things that we think that you could benefit from;


We provide both single and multi-site technology allowing you to streamline communications over your entire business if you have more than one premise.

Pick up calls from anywhere

Is your receptionist working from home due to current restrictions? Do you man the phones yourself? With a cloud phone system you can pick up work calls from anywhere using a smart phone. Calls to and from our useful app will come through as your business number, giving you an added level of privacy.

WiFi across your entire site

We have seen companies in the industry run into issues with their previous broadband providers, as the sites or warehouses had patchy coverage that lead to a lot of frustration and wasted time. We can ensure that you have reliable broadband across your entire site, no matter how large it may be.

Smart technology to ensure you never miss a call

We can implement a whole host of smart technology to help ensure that you never miss a call. Additional phone alerting systems can be added to large spaces, such as warehouses. Which can alert you to office phone calls whenever they come in - ensuring you never miss a call.

Mobiles for construction and manufacturing

Mobile use in the construction and manufacturing industry has moved on from simply making and receiving calls. Business mobile implementation can give you access to mobile time cards for employees clocking in, location tracking, as well as reports and project management software.

Why choose Yellowcom?

Happy to help – if you have got any queries or issues we are just a phone call away. Our dedicated customer support team is there to ensure that you are getting the best experience possible when you choose Yellowcom.

Tailored solutions – your business is unique, we will work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your contract and tailor solutions that suit you. This includes a variety of maintenance packages.

Transparent – as a supplier we believe it is our duty to be transparent with our customers. We will keep you up to date on any new information including sending voicemail reminder emails for holidays in your area and notifying you of RPI increases.

Our creative telecoms solutions for the construction and manufacturing industry can revolutionise your communications and save you money. Get in contact today to find out more.

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