Phone system for schools and educational centres

Updating your Phone System

Having an up-to-date phone system in schools, colleges and nurseries is essential for ensuring effective communication is upheld both internally and externally. Providing reliable landline services comes second nature to us. At Yellowcom we can provide you with everything, from your phoneline to handsets, custom maintenance package and tailored contract - to ensure you’re only paying for what you need. Whether your system needs a well-overdue upgrade, or you think that you could be getting a better deal on your calls, get in contact for a free, no obligation quote:

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Traditional landline vs VoIP for schools

Choosing the right phone system for your school is the first step in the process. If you are unsure, get in contact today for free advice. We can go over your requirements and any issues that you may currently be experiencing. We provide a range of intuitive technology which is easy for everyone to use, whilst giving you a modern and fresh update to the way you and your team communicate.

Bank Holiday voicemail

Set up a voicemail for every school holiday. You will be sent a bank holiday voicemail reminder before every holiday. Need to add on a voicemail recording for a different time? Just get in touch with us in advance and we can arrange it for you.

Automatic sickness recording

Reception inundated with parents/carers calling into say their child is sick? Our automatic sickness recording can take messages from parents and automatically send them to you via email. Helping ensure that you never miss a message again. This can also be a huge time-saver by allowing you to record all sicknesses, without having to speak to every individual that calls in.

Having an automated calling system in schools can revolutionise your receptionist and caller experience and help streamline the process. The other schools we have worked with agree it is a great asset.

New phone system in every classroom

Still running on an out-of-date phone system in your school? Switch today and get a brand new one in every classroom, free of charge. At Yellowcom, we can offer you an entire school phone system upgrade with no upfront costs and no increase to your monthly bill.

See where your calls are coming from

We can set you up with a global directory, which allows you to screen incoming calls. This can help protect you from scam calls and, with the use of Caller ID, you can see exactly who is trying to reach you.

Call queuing/auto attendant

If reception is overrun with calls and you don’t want to send people to voicemail, call queuing is a great option that allows to you to keep people on hold until you are ready to speak to them.

Installation with no disruption or downtime

We understand the importance of ensuring there is no downtime with your system. If you’re happy for us to do the installation during the school day, we will ensure that your system stays up and running. If you’d prefer us to come after school hours, we’re happy to do so. Just let us know when suits you and we will try our best to accommodate.

Call recording for schools

Track Absenteeism

All calls from parents and carers who phone to say their child will be absent will be recorded. Meaning that any disputes in absences can be dealt with quickly. The same goes for any other disputes that occur over the phone.

Simplifiy recruitment with Call Recording for schools

Multiple people involved in the hiring process? Call recording can allow you to review phone interviews, simplifying the recruitment process if everyone isn’t available at the same time. Just another one of the many benefits of our phone systems for schools.

Stay Ahead

Call recording allows you to monitor the types of calls coming into the school. If you have a number of parents or carers all calling in asking the same questions, then this may be motive to send out an informative email or leaflet – this will reduce the amount of the same incoming calls coming into the school!

Choose how long to store calls

Calls can be stored for anywhere up to 7 years. Choose which storage option is right for you needs and ensure you have a detailed account of past ingoing, outgoing and internal phone calls.


Your problems, our solutions

"Our phone system is out-of-date"

A common obstacle that we see schools and education centres trying to overcome, is the fact that many of the systems put in place are extremely outdated. With a new upgraded phone system your school, you can get a better quality of service and more beneficial features that can streamline day-to-day processes.

"We're paying too much"

Another common issue that schools tend to face when trying to upgrade, is funding. We have access to some of the best deals in the business and always pass on these savings to our customers. At Yellowcom, we reduce your costs, whilst providing you with an entirely new phone system without an increase in your monthly costs.

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Case studies

We work with a whole host of schools and have been able to provide them with transparent and reliable solutions specifically tailored to their needs, with the added bonus of reducing monthly bill spend.

Grammar School (Northern Ireland)

Issues: School located over two sites; each site had a different phone system. Both were extremely outdated phone systems (15+ years old). No local support, which meant if the system went down, there was no immediate help or resolution. All of these issues and they were still paying unbelievably high monthly line rental costs.

Solution: We streamlined their operations by providing local support and services across both locations. Replacing their outdated phone systems was well overdue and we made sure their new technology had all of the features that they would need. All while reducing the school’s monthly costs by approx. 50%.

(More detail available on request)

College (Northern Ireland)

Issues: outdated phone systems that was unable to transfer calls making life difficult for the receptionist. Another issue that arised with the outdated system was that parents and clients were getting a poor experience when phoning the reception.

Solution: we upgraded the phone systems in the College, revolutionising their process by providing reception with a cordless handset that is integrated with the rest of the phone system. Allowing the receptionist to transfer calls with ease. This has made for a much better experience for anyone calling the school. This, along with a configured scheduling system has helped flow calls to the right departments, streamlining the whole process. We are also able to give the school local support, so any issues that may arise with their telecoms can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with little disruption.

(More detail available on request)

Choosing Yellowcom to provide your schools phone system

When you choose Yellowcom as your phone system provider you are guaranteed stellar customer service. Our team go above and beyond to ensure that any query’s or issues you may have are dealt with proficiently. We use a sophisticated system which allows us to prioritise the most urgent cases and solve them in the quickest time possible. To see our response times for different levels of case urgency, please see our Service Level Agreement for more information.

Broadband for schools

We can provide you with high-speed internet, as well as phone systems for schools. Much of today’s learning requires the internet to collect information, research, and access different resources. With the high demand for computer usage in schools, it is essential to have a strong and reliable internet connection that can handle a high volume of users at any one time. We can provide high-speed internet which is dependable and will happily work in the background while your teachers do their job.

Technology is such a big part of our society now that having a working knowledge of how to safely and responsibly use the internet is essential. We can put parental controls on your internet service, banning any content from being accessed that you deem to be inappropriate, for both students and teachers.


Mobiles for school and education centre employees are often overlooked, however, they can have many benefits and create a more functional working environment. School trips and excursions can be stressful for teachers and having a line of communication with the school, parents and pupils during these trips is essential. Have large school grounds? You can provide break staff with mobiles to improve communication and get the right person to help out in any situation quickly and effectively.

Teachers, for obvious reasons, don’t want to give out their personal phone number to students and parents. An emergency phone number provided by the school can be the best way forward. If you’d like to enquire about business mobiles for schools, get in touch with us today.

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