New Horizon Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

New Horizon Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

Our trusted partner, Gamma, has recently rolled out a new Horizon call recording service, which puts more focus on the needs of you as a customer. Also offering a restructured pricing strategy that is pretty much guaranteed to save you money compared to your current call recording service!

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About Gamma’s Horizon Call Recording

Call recording is not a new concept, especially for Gamma who have provided a call recording service for years. However, Gamma have gone above and beyond to revise their current service and create their own Horizon call recording system which looks to exceed other call recording platforms. They have worked to resolve any ongoing issues that you may be facing with your current call recording service. This includes increased security, improving user experience and giving more customisable features – such as custom admin access.

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How Does Company Call Recording Work?

Gamma business call recording has been custom made and integrated with Horizon. It can be used in conjunction with the Horizon portal to record incoming, outgoing and, as of the newest model, internal calls. Calls can be recorded from any Horizon device, whether this be landline or mobile.

This new service allows you to listen to calls on an online platform, meaning you won’t need to bulk download files to ensure you have them stored for the required time period. This can add an extra sense of security which can be essential for data protection. However, bulk download is still an option if you do need to store the calls elsewhere.

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What Makes it Stand Out from The Old Service?

There are a few benefits and features that makes Gamma’s new call recording service stand out from other types of call recording software that are currently on the market;


No Limits on Recorded Calls

One of the main benefits is that you can record unlimited calls. Data will now be stored within your chosen time period rather than charging you for the amount of storage space you require.

Price Point

With Gamma’s new call recording, comes a new pricing structure. You will no longer pay for the number of calls you need to record or the storage space you require. There are two packages with various options, including; Business package, with storage options of 3, 6, 12 or 36 months. There is also a compliant call recording package you can store unlimited calls for 7 years.

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Multiple Access Policy

The multiple access policy adds an extra layer of security to your voice recording service by only allowing approved parties access to certain types of calls.

Global User admin users, have access to and the ability to do anything on the portal, including creating and deleting users and downloading any recording.

Team User for team supervisors, can listen and access calls for particular groups of users – specified by the global user.

Staff User – can access and listen to their own call recordings.

Support User – read only view of the portal to help provide support, no access to call recordings or any sensitive data (this will be the level of access that we will receive if you opt for new Gamma business call recording at Yellowcom).

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Data Handling Compliance

Gamma call recording is great for any type of industry, no matter what the requirements are on data handling.

  • GDPR compliant
  • MIFID2 compliant – access to audit trails, encrypted storage: AES-256 bit encryption, calls stored for 7 years.

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That being said, you, as a responsible business, will still need to take the appropriate measures to ensure that you are doing your part in protecting your customers data.

Business Call Recording at Yellowcom

These are just a handful of the new and improved features that are offered with Gamma’s Horizon call recording at Yellowcom. If you would like more information or want to sign up to Gamma business call recording, then get in touch with us today!


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