Phone Systems To Suit all Sized Businesses

There is not a better time to install a new phone system, technology has been kind to this sector and there are products that suit all businesses whatever their size or communication requirements. Sometimes the difficulty lies in deciding what product suits you and your business, with so many systems on offer how can you confidently decide which suits your requirements and budget best? This is where we can help as our team will analyse your current requirements as well as your future wants and propose a system that would tick all of these boxes.

If you have a particular type of system in mind or would like more information on what these are then please read on below. If you are not sure which type of system would suit your business and would like no obligation advice then get in touch below. Also, for a little more information about ourselves, visit our about us page.

Which Phone System Type Is Right For Your Business?

Hosted System (VoiP)

Hosted VoIP is where your PBX (private branch exchange) is hosted in the 'cloud' and the VoIP provider routes your calls through your broadband. The equipment required at your business premises is minimal as your actual PBX is virtual and the maintenance is taken care of for you. Your IP enabled handsets are installed by our engineers and your good to go.

On-premise System

Our on-premise hybrid PBX systems have the the best of both worlds. These systems have sufficient capacity for legacy and IP ports therefore you can utilise traditional telephone lines (analogue, digital) as well as SIP (VoIP) lines. SIP lines are very cost effective but if you have poor broadband available in your area then traditional lines can be utilised no problem.