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Offer Social WiFi
and reach a larger audience!

Quite simply put, you can offer your customers free WiFi in return for a social media like or email address. After the customer uses the WiFi, you can also remind them to leave a TripAdvisor review if you wish to do so. It is all accessible on a user friendly portal and can be set up to run automatically meaning there is no time investment required. 

It's a win-win for both parties, the customer enjoys free WiFi and your company experiences social media/email list growth and possibly most importantly boosts your TripAdvisor reviews! It's becoming a must-have for a lot of businesses whatever their size and can be set up and maintained for a low monthly cost.

How it Works
The login process is seamless and easy to do. The customer connects to your WiFi and is greeted with the following. 

Step 1 the customer chooses how they which to login, Social Media or Email

Step 2 they like your Facebook, follow your twitter or input an email address

Step 3 they are greeted with a thank you and a optional advertisement

Utilise TripAdvisor
After your customer uses your WiFi, ask them to leave a review. Another seamless and automated process.

  • Automatically ask for a Trip Advisor Review
  • The amount of reviews will rise between 30% - 80%
  • More reviews, results in a higher TripAdvisor ranking
  • Easy to set up and fully automated review system

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