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Offer your guests WiFi and reach a larger audience

Offer your customers free WiFi in return for a social media like or email address. After your customer uses the WiFi, you can also remind them to leave a TripAdvisor review. It is all accessible on a user-friendly portal and can be set up to run automatically meaning there is no time investment required.

It's a win-win for both parties, the customer enjoys free WiFi and your company experiences social media/email list growth and possibly, most importantly, boosts your TripAdvisor reviews! It's becoming a must-have for a lot of businesses whatever their size and can be set up and maintained for a low monthly cost.

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How it Works

The login process is seamless and easy to do. The customer connects to your WiFi and is greeted with the following.

Step 1: the customer chooses how they wish to login, social media, or email

Step 2: they like your Facebook, follow your twitter or input an email address

Step 3: they are greeted with a thank you and an optional advertisement

Benefits of customer WiFi

Customer WiFi is an expectation for many nowadays and can have hidden advantages to keep your customers happy. Some business owners think that offering free WiFi will be expensive and take away from their brand, but when done right, offering your guests WiFi can transform your relationship with them.

Happy customers stay longer

It can be especially useful in any industry that requires customers to wait in your premise for an appointment. With WiFi for guests, wait times will seem shorter and customers may not mind as much if there are delays.

  • Allows customers to work from your premise
  • Gives customers access to more information
  • Wait times seem shorter

Advertising opportunities

You can utilise your customer WiFi to your advantage. Even though you may offer “free WiFi”, you can gather invaluable customer data and reviews – which is priceless. People are also more likely to post photos if they have internet access – giving you better outreach and more exposure on social media.

  • Gather reviews
  • Promote your latest products and offers
  • Gather marketing data, such as name, email and phone number

Return on investment

Guest WiFi is expected in some industries. For industries, such as hospitality, WiFi can be a great way to get customers to stay longer. If you work in an industry that doesn’t usually provide WiFi, but customers are required to wait around, you could get ahead of the competition by offering your customers something your competitors do not.

  • Customers stay longer so are more likely to spend more
  • Make sales through your custom online portal
  • Encourages customer loyalty

Utilise TripAdvisor

After your customer uses your WiFi, ask them to leave a review. Another seamless and automated process.

  • Automatically ask for a TripAdvisor Review
  • The amount of reviews will rise between 30% - 80%
  • More reviews, results in a higher TripAdvisor ranking
  • Easy to set up and fully automated review system

WiFi for guests at Yellowcom

Getting customer WiFi through Yellowcom comes with benefits of its own. We are dedicated to saving you money and providing the best, most responsive service possible.

Save Money

  • Competitive pricing
  • Robust hardware for longevity
  • Great return on investment

Yellowcom Support

  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Available 24/7
  • Speak to real people

Best solution

  • Range of UK's top WiFi providers
  • Strong connection throughout your entire premise
  • Everything on one easy to read bill

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