Network Cabling

What is network cabling?

Network cabling is an essential telecoms infrastructure, that connects and transfers data and information between computers, routers, and switches – which is essential for the smooth running of your phone and broadband services. Cables are generally made from either copper (traditional) or glass (fibre). The type of cable will vary depending on the network’s topology, protocol, and size, but you don’t need to worry about this, we will put together a tailored plan to help you get the most out of your cabling and advise on the best setup for your business. You may require an update or maintenance from time to time, but we’ll be on hand to ensure you are aware of any coming upgrades and that they are carried out smoothly with no disruption.

Networking services we provide include; the supply of network devices, fibre optic cabling, structured cabling, software design and implementation, and electrical installation to NICEIC standards.

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Benefits of structured network cabling

We provide structured network cabling, which comes with a whole host of benefits. Structured cabling simply means that the cables are organised, making your services more reliable, as well as cost and time effective.


Our networking services allow for a more efficient process all round, making your communications easier to manage. Maintenance and repair costs can also be reduced, as faults are easier to find and rectify compared to a messy set

  • Easier to organise
  • Everything runs on one system
  • Cost effective

Minimise risk

The risk of downtime due to human error is higher when your network cabling is unstructured. Not only that, but if a fault does occur, you may be waiting longer to get a resolution as faults can be harder to find. Well-planned cabling allows for easier troubleshooting and reduces your risk of mistakes being made.

  • Easier to identify and fix problems
  • Reduced risk of prolonged downtime
  • Robust and reliable network installation


Structured networking gives you more flexibility, making it easier to expand your communications and introduce updated technology into your business. Systems, such as VoIP phones can be introduced with ease and bring your communications to the next level.

  • Scalable and adaptable - great for a growing business
  • Responsive to industry changes
  • Move system to a new office with ease

The ISDN switch over

BT are planning to switch off their traditional copper line network by 2025, in favour of newer, more efficient VoIP technology. If you still use a traditional phone line, you will start to feel the effects over the coming years, before the lines eventually become obsolete. Our advice is to switch sooner rather than later to avoid higher costs.

Are you still using traditional copper lines or are unsure what type of phone lines you use? Get in contact today for free advice. 

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Benefits of network cabling through Yellowcom

At Yellowcom, we offer a portfolio of precision solutions to address your communications and data cabling demands. Whether you want us to manage simple moves, make changes, or design complete solutions and installations, our flexible approach and thorough work practices guarantee successful results.

We will ensure that your server rooms are fit for purpose. Our objective is to optimise the compatibility between your infrastructure and the equipment housed, be it existing or planned. Our processes will maximise business confidence in the operation of your Data Centres and minimise the risks to availability.

We know that in order to meet your customer’s needs, you must be able to adapt quickly to their demands or market changes. Your reliance on IT is fundamental to this flexibility, and we understand that the availability of your data network and communications is paramount to your success. Our solutions will provide the flexibility you require while incorporating a robust design to ensure your time is not wasted on trying to identify faults.

Save Money

  • Robust equipment and cabling
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Business communications run smoothly


  • Everything on one easy to read bill
  • We also provide phone systems & broadband
  • Over 14 years' experience

Yellowcom Support

  • Speak to real people
  • Available 24/7
  • Quarterly reviews to optimise your services

Our guarantee

At Yellowcom, we are also experienced in providing cabling and infrastructure solutions to a variety of businesses from different industries. Our complete solutions can support any voice or data application and are designed to future proof your network infrastructure. In fact, we are so confident about the quality of our solutions that they come with a 20-year application warranty, guaranteeing performance.

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