Single-Site Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Hosted Telephony too

Hosted telephony has long been perceived as a communication solution for businesses that operate across multiple sites. Quick and easy set up and the limited equipment required is perfect for businesses with multiple offices and limited time to manage their communication infrastructure.

However, there are multiple benefits to having cloud based hosted telephony installed in a single site premises and our blog today will explore these benefits.

Future Proof your System

Upgrading your current phone solution is a strenuous task for both the channel partner and the customer and sometimes it appears the expenditure is not worth the rewards. However, many businesses fail to consider that keeping a older phone system in place can be just as costly.

Moving your telephone system to the cloud has the appeal of moving with the times and many businesses do so without fully understanding the full benefits of their newly installed system. Unlike the physical alternative, a cloud system can be updated instantly with new features and applications to ensure you develop your communications infrastructure as your business grows – adding to or upgrading your system as the technology advances.

Reducing your company’s downtime

Although single-site businesses are less susceptible to downtimes associated with extreme weather conditions they are not completely protected. Snowstorms and floods, for instance, can take the standard phone system down. The advantage to hosted is that it doesn’t require any physical infrastructure on the user’s end. This means little or no downtime for the customer and fewer repairs for the channel partner.

Grow Your Business Without Limitations

Single-office businesses with significant strategic development plans are always faced with a growth dilemma not because they lack customers, but their telephone infrastructure constrains them. With hosted, however, that’s a thing of the past. You can switch to a package with more lines, more options, and more features in no time. Not to mention the savings associated with the initial setup, constant upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to find out more information about hosted telephony or would like expert advice on how you can improve your telephone system get in touch today.


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