Get Yellowcare cover – and relax

Our business insurance costs from £5.00 per month for each phone.  It does not matter whether they have been lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

What’s covered?

Theft and loss – as soon as your claim is approved, we’ll replace your phone

Accidental and malicious damage

If we can’t fix your phone, we’ll replace it like for like unless it’s unavailable where we will then replace it with a similar one

Going abroad?

Enjoy up to 30 days’ cover

Terms and Conditions

The plan can only be taken out on handsets supplied by Yellowcom Limited.

If you upgrade your handset your insurance automatically covers the new phone on receipt, and no claims can be made on the previous handset unless you have chosen to cover both handsets.

Payment is by monthly instalments via direct debit for a minimum of 12 months. The premiums and your mobile account must be up-to-date in order to make a claim, in event of outstanding premiums the insurance will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

There is a standard excess of £50 on the first claim and on any subsequent claims the excess increases to £100.

All loan phones are provided subject to availability and in accordance with the Terms of this Contract. Loan handset agreement form must be signed before delivery of the handset.

If your phone is lost or stolen we should be made aware within 24hrs and should be supported by a police crime report number that has been verified.

If we decide to replace your mobile phone we will try to replace it with an identical model if we cannot provide an identical model we will provide a mobile phone with similar features and functionality to your mobile phone. The colour of any replacement mobile phone may not be the same as the one you have claimed for. Any replacement mobile phone we provide will come from new stock excluding Apple which may come from new or refurbished stock.

If the value of the replacement mobile phone is less than the price of your mobile phone, the value of the replacement is the maximum you can claim on this policy.

Yellowcom Limited may make amendments to this policy at any time but aim to ensure the policy is fair and of great benefit to you at all times and will endeavour to ensure you are completely satisfied quickly and efficiently during the event of a claim.

Main Exclusions

Theft where your mobile device is knowingly left on display and outside the view of you, an authorised user or anyone using or storing your mobile device with the permission of you or an authorised user.

Theft where your mobile device was left in a building or other property, unless force resulting in damage to the building or premises was used to gain entry or exit.

Any costs arising from unauthorised use of your phone after it was lost or stolen, such as phone calls, downloads, apps and text messages.

Yellowcare will not cover manufacturing faults.