The Top Features to Look for in a Cloud Phone System

Cloud phone systems are becoming more and more common as businesses shift their communication needs to cloud-based solutions. A virtual phone system, often referred to as a cloud phone system, is a communication tool that runs only in the cloud and enables users to place and receive calls online as opposed to through a traditional phone line.

It can be challenging to decide which cloud phone system provider to use with so many available. Here is a list of the key characteristics to look for in a cloud phone system so you can choose wisely.

Call Forwarding and Routing

The simplicity with which calls may be readily routed and forwarded to other places or devices is one of the main benefits of a cloud phone system. Find a service that allows you to set up rules to automatically route incoming calls to the correct team member or department by offering call routing and forwarding services. By using this function, you can simplify your communication procedures and make sure that your clients are constantly connected with the appropriate individual.

Auto Attendant

A virtual receptionist, an auto attendant can welcome callers and give them options for using your phone system. This function can ensure that callers are routed to the appropriate division or team member while easing the pressure on your receptionist. Look for a cloud phone system that enables you to add your own menu items and recorded messages to your auto attendant.

A voicemail system and voicemail transcription

Any phone system that supports voicemail is a must, and cloud phone systems are no different. Make sure the service you choose has voicemail capabilities, such as the option to receive voicemails through email or listen to them online. Additionally, search for a company that offers voicemail transcription, which enables you to receive voicemail transcriptions by email or SMS.

Instant Messaging

Team members may easily and swiftly connect with one another because to the real-time messaging features that many cloud phone systems offer in addition to voice conversations. Look for a service that has communications options including group chat, private messaging, and file and image sharing.

Video Conferencing

For remote teams, video conferencing has evolved into a crucial tool, and many cloud phone system providers now include this feature as part of their service. Choose a company that offers high-quality video conferencing with options for joining from any device and capabilities like screen sharing, recording, and screen sharing.

Call Recording

Businesses who need to preserve a record of client discussions or that want to monitor and enhance their customer service procedures may find call recording to be a useful tool. To record and store your calls in the cloud, look for a cloud phone system that has call recording features.

Integration with business tools

You should seek for a supplier that offers integrations with your current business tools if you want to get the most out of your cloud phone system. You might want to combine your phone system with your CRM programme or project management application, for instance. To simplify your processes and boost your productivity, look for a provider who offers a variety of integrations.

Mobile Application

Nowadays, a lot of workers need to be mobile or operate remotely. Choose a cloud phone system that has a mobile app so you can use it to make and receive calls, listen to voicemail, and access other functions. For remote workers who need to keep connected when away from the workplace, this can be very helpful.

Analytics and Reporting for Calls

It’s crucial to have access to call analytics and reports so that you can make sure your communication operations are functioning properly and spot any areas that could use improvement. To track call volume, call duration, and other important metrics, look for a cloud phone system that provides in-depth analytics and reporting.

24/7 Support

Finally, it’s critical to select a cloud phone system supplier that provides round-the-clock assistance. Technical problems can occur at any time, and you don’t want to be without assistance when they do. Choose a service provider who provides 24/7 phone, email, or chat assistance.


It’s critical to take into account the characteristics that will best serve your company’s needs when selecting a cloud phone system. In addition to call routing and forwarding, an auto attendant, voicemail with transcription, real-time messaging, video conferencing, call recording, connection with business tools, a mobile app, call analytics and reporting, and round-the-clock assistance are all things to look for in a service.

You may enhance your communication procedures, boost productivity, and deliver better customer service by taking the time to select a cloud phone system with these advantages. A cloud phone system is the best option for businesses of all sizes since it allows you to place and receive calls over the internet, which also allows you to work from anywhere and save money on traditional phone line charges. So why not convert to a cloud phone system right away and advance your communication?

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