Travel Tips 2023 | Roaming

Going abroad this year? Check out our top tips for traveling to ensure that you don't come home with the holiday blues and a massive phone bill.

Check what roaming tariff you’re on

If you’re on O2 you can still roam in up to 48 countries. If your data allowance is over 25gb you get a 25gb allowance per month. You can also use your calls and texts as standard (excluding picture messages).

Keep your phone on airplane mode during your flight

If you don’t you could connect to the planes on board network and get charged. This can happen even if you aren’t actively using your phone as apps can run in the background.

Turn data off and only connect to WiFi when on a cruise ship

You cannot currently get a maritime roaming bolt on with any UK network. Roaming costs far more at sea than it does on land. Utilise the onboard WiFi that the vast majority of cruises offer.

Turn off WiFi assist

This often-helpful feature can also end up costing you. WiFi assist works in the background and automatically switches your phone between WiFi and 3G depending on how strong your connection is. Having this on abroad can lead to charges that you may not have been expecting.

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