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At Yellowcom, we believe in providing the best deals possible for our customers, providing mobiles to businesses across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Range of providers - choose the best coverage in your area
  • Unlimited data contracts start from £15 p/m
  • Range of handsets available or keep your existing mobile device
  • Specialist mobile team

Offer valid from 30/03/2021 - 30/04/2021. Please see below for our fair usage policy, testimonials or to express your interest! 

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Fair Usage Policy

Like many providers, we operate a fair usage policy on all of our unlimited package deals. This helps ensure that everyone on your network is using our tariff appropriately without affecting any other customers. Overuse from one customer can affect the quality of service for others when used inappropriately. Use of applications that may be flagged up as unfair usage include;

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software
  • P2P TV
  • Streaming video services
  • Excessive usage and downloads

These applications, as well as others, can continue to send and receive data in the background, even though you may not be using it at the time. 

 If we believe that you are abusing the service we may ask you to moderate your usage. In rare cases, we reserve the right to cap your usage, limit speed or block access.

Calls and texts are capped at 3,000 per month each. Data is capped at 200GB per month in the UK and 25GB usage abroad per month.