Upgrade your entire phone system at no cost to you!

If you, like many schools we have spoken to, are running on an out-of-date phone system, it's time for an upgrade.  

Easy to use, modernised phone system can help enhance your schools communications both internally and externally. 

Streamline your current processes with an array of features;

  • Automatic sickness recording 
  • New phone in every classroom and office
  • Complete installation with no disruption
  • No upfront cost, no increase to monthly costs
  • Transfer calls to mobile
  • Bank Holiday voicemail message
  • Call recording
  • Local support

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Case Studies

Issues: School located over two sites; each site had a different phone system. Both were extremely outdated phone systems (15+ years old). No local support, which meant if the system went down, there was no immediate help or resolution. All of these issues and they were still paying unbelievably high monthly line rental costs.

Solution: we streamlined their operations by providing local support and services across both locations. Replacing their outdated phone systems was well overdue and we made sure their new technology had all of the features that they would need. All while reducing Enniskillen Royal Grammar School's monthly costs by approx. 50%.

Issues: outdated phone systems that were unable to transfer calls, making life difficult for the receptionist. Another issue that arose with the outdated system was that parents and clients were getting a poor experience when phoning the reception.

Solution: we upgraded the phone systems in Mercy College, revolutionising their process by providing reception with a cordless handset that is integrated with the rest of the phone system. Allowing the receptionist to transfer calls with ease. This has made for a much better experience for anyone calling the school. This, along with a configured scheduling system has helped flow calls to the right departments, streamlining the whole process. We are also able to give the school local support, so any issues that may arise with their telecoms can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with little disruption.