This is Yellowcom

We have been helping organisations improve their communications, increase efficiency, and save money since 2007. Our commitment is to be highly responsive to your business needs, your communications, and offer unmatched customer support.

Establishing strong relationships

At Yellowcom, our focus has always been about building trust and strong relationships with our customers, our aim is to understand your business, how you communicate with their people and the outside world and how you can take full advantage of the products and services we provide. We strive to give the best customer experience and the best possible service to our customers. Our objective is to make sure our clients are happy and that we are operationally excellent in everything we do, say and deliver.

Company culture

A healthy company culture is essential to us at Yellowcom. We offer all employees great incentive and progression opportunities.



What we do

We have delivered the best solution for each of our growing base of 2,000+ customers, which we serve from our offices in Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. No matter if you need a fully customised solution or a simple set up, our specialist engineers are on hand to configure and install to your needs.

Giving you a high-quality service

Our team of telecoms specialists identify the best solutions available on the market for your business. Tailoring communication packages to suit your needs:

Industries we work with

Our customers include organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. We are well versed in a large variety of industries, and this resonates in our packages - specially tailored to resolve common issues that your business may face.

Our responsibility

We believe in the importance of giving back and being a responsible organisation. We are transparent and fair with all customers and employees. We are certified Pledge Partners with the Scottish Business Pledge, which promotes fairness, equality, opportunity, and innovation in Scotland.


As a company, we try to create a positive impact within our respective communities in Belfast and Glasgow, supporting local charities, offering great employment opportunities to people in the local area and offer entry level opportunities, as well as experienced roles, to help people get their career started.

We also:

  • Recycle 80% of mobile phones
  • 100% CarbonNeutral® phone systems
  • 100% CarbonNeutral® web hosting
  • Paperless sales process


We take pride in offering progressive roles with plenty of development and training opportunities for all members of the team. We offer both internal and external training and a wide range of incentives. We are dedicated to engaging with employees to ensure that their needs are met.

Employment opportunities at Yellowcom



Keeping clear and open communication with both customers and employees is essential (especially for a telecommunications company). We believe in complete transparency in our services, always keeping customers in the loop.

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