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Business mobile solutions

Business mobile phones are an essential part of any modern company. With so many devices, tariffs, and bolt-ons available in the marketplace, making the right decision for your business can be complex. As a leading business phone provider, we offer independent advice and recommendations on all the major networks and can provide great mobile services from all the top named providers in the UK - ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for from a business mobile phone contract at a price that is right for you.

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Benefits of a business mobile contract

No matter what size business, whether you are a sole trader or have 30+ employees, you could enhance communications with a business mobile contract at Yellowcom. Business mobiles allow you to be more responsive and can be used in conjunction with one of our cloud phone systems, to ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

Improved internal communication

Business mobiles help ensure internal communication is kept simple. Improving communications within your team, by being more accessible throughout the working day.

• Easier for employees to remotely join team meetings
• Allows employees to remotely access software
• Gives employees more control over their schedule

Improved responsiveness

Did you know that 85% of callers won’t bother phoning back if their call is missed the first time? Supplying your team with mobiles can help ensure that calls aren’t missed. It’s even easier to miss calls if you are a sole trader, as there is no one else to answer the phone.

• Improves customer service by making your team more accessible
• Ensure that calls from potential customers are not missed
• Improves response time to potential and existing customers

More flexible working

It’s in the name, mobiles give you mobility. Allowing your team to work from anywhere. When paired with a cloud phone system, you can make and receive calls from your business number – through a mobile device.

• Ability to work from anywhere
• Access to unified communication solutions
• Less time lost due to commuting or working offsite

Networks we work with

We are fully accredited partners with all major mobile networks, which enables us to offer the best deals, whatever the size of your business. Allowing us to provide you with the best business mobile contract to suit your needs. So if you want to stay with your existing network or are happy to switch, we can help. Choose between top business mobile providers, including Vodafone, 3, EE and O2.

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Implement a business mobile phone contract with Yellowcom

If you have an existing mobile contract, we audit and review your current spec to determine whether you are getting value for money based on the average amount of calls, texts and data your company consumes. This process enables us to provide a cost-effective mobile package that offers value to your business by ensuring you are on the correct tariff to service your clients. We design bespoke packages that vary business to business depending on requirements. Some businesses require a high amount of minutes but low data usage, we as a partner can design a package that is fit for purpose and delivers value for money.

If you don’t have an existing mobile contract and are looking to add mobiles to your communications for the first time, we will take similar steps to establish exactly what you need.

Business mobile phone services

Mobile Tariffs

We work with some of the biggest tariff providers in the UK. We are able to offer mobile deals that aren’t available anywhere else. Being an independent supplier gives us more flexibility and reduced rates and we pass all the savings onto you! Get in contact to find out what mobile tariff is right for you.

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Mobile Handsets

From Samsung to Apple and everything in between, we can supply any mobile device to suit your budgets and requirements. We will only recommend devices to you that will be suitable for your needs – a flashy phone may look nice but why pay over the odds when you don’t need to? With Yellowcom, additional or replacement handsets can be with you the very next day, helping to ensure business continuity.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) covers the security, monitoring and managing of mobiles, laptops, and tablets within your business. Mobile device management is used to optimise the security and functionality of your business mobile devices. Allowing you to enforce workplace policies throughout your mobile devices, protecting your corporate network.

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Choose Yellowcom for your business mobiles

At Yellowcom, you are assigned an account manager from day one to ensure all your requirements are taken care of and switching is seamless. We do it all, so you don't have to. We are well versed in performing quarterly bill reviews, adding additional numbers, increasing your data usage or organising a next day replacement handset. Let us know what your requirements are and we will tailor a business mobile package to suit you.

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Save Money

  • Mobile deals not available elsewhere
  • Stay on budget by setting data caps
  • We pass on our network savings to you

Dedicated Yellowcom Support

  • Speak to real people
  • 24/7 support
  • Personal Account Manager

Best choice of mobile services

  • Top network providers in the UK
  • Bespoke mobile packages
  • Everything on one easy to read bill

Easy online billing

At Yellowcom, no matter if you are a mobile-only customer, or we also provide your broadband and phones, you will receive one, easy to read bill every month. If you do need us to go over anything, just get in touch through our customer service team: Yellowcom Support.

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