Mobile phones are an essential part of modern business. With so many devices, tariffs, and bolt-ons available in the marketplace, making the right decision for your business can be complex. Yellowcom are able to provide independent advice and recommendations on all the major networks as we are not bound by exclusive or targeted contracts – ensuring you save even more. Get in touch below to request more information, your local office will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What networks do we work with?

We are fully accredited partners with all major mobile networks which enable us to offer the best deals whatever the size of your business. So if you want to stay with your existing network or are happy to switch, we can help.

How do business mobiles work?

We audit and review your current contract to determine whether your are getting value for money based on the average amount of calls, texts and data your company is using. This process enables Yellowcom to provide a cost-effective mobile package that offers value to your business by ensuring your are on the correct tariff to service your clients. We design bespoke packages that vary business to business depending on requirements. For example, some customers require a high amount of minutes but low data usage, we as a partner can design a package that is fit for purpose and delivers value for money.

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Why go through a partner?

The networks pay ourselves a fee for managing your business account, they choose to do this so you as a business are given the attention you deserve. Your are assigned an account manager from day one to ensure all your requirements are taken care of and switching is seamless. Yellowcom do it all so you don’t have to, such as performing quarterly bill reviews, adding additional numbers, increasing your data usage or organising a next day replacement handset.

  • Personal Service – You’ll know your account manager and can assist whenever required
  • Save money – as a gold partner we receive preferential rates and we can pass the savings onto you
  • Bespoke Packages – our expertise allows us to design a fit for purpose packages
  • Next day handsets – be it additional or replacement we can deliver this next day to ensure business continuity 
  • Choice of network – we work all the major networks so can negotiate the best deal on your behalf

Which mobiles should we purchase?

The best advice we can give any business is to buy fit for purpose devices! If one of your staff members needs a mobile phone for some casual emails, calls and texting we would suggest a middle range android handset rather than the new iPhone. All that money saved can be put into discounting your line rental.

We would also suggest durable, dust and waterproof phones if you have a team working on a construction site. There are plenty of scenarios where high-end handsets are required and of course they can be sourced at a discounted price but we always encourage businesses to think about their true requirements so the savings can be passed onto their monthly line rental. We think about all of this for you so you don’t have to so get in touch and we’ll be able to advise.

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We are in contract, can you still help?

Yes, we can buy out contracts when appropriate. We often come across customers who feel stuck in their contract and we offer them a way out. Let us know how long left you have on your contract below and we’ll advise accordingly. 

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