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What is unified communications?

Unified communications (UC) allows you to integrate multiple methods of communication in the one place. Phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, as well as sharing and accessing data are all features of unifying your communications.

Benefits of unified comms

Over the years, we have seen first hand how unified communications have benefitted businesses across different sectors. UC saves time and money and makes it easier to communicate – no matter where employees are working from.

Boost productivity

Communicate across different channels on one easy to use platform with UC. According to results from participants of an Eastern Management Group survey, businesses saw a 52% increase in productivity when they switched to a unified comms solution.

Maintain professionalism

Unified communication solutions are simple to use and allow you to keep your current business numbers. They also give the appearance that you are making and receiving calls from a desk phone, when in fact you could be picking it up from either a laptop or a mobile.

Save money

Savings can be made in a number of different ways if you adopt unified communications. With UC you pay per licence, rather than per minute. Bring your own device eliminates the need to buy company mobiles. Employees can easily download an app which will separate personal and work calls on the same device.

Unified communication features

Unified communication solutions come packed full of useful features, which you can utilise to your business’s needs. Many of these features aren’t available on a regular landline and can help optimise your communication processes.

Providing the best unified communications solutions

We provide fully unified communications from two of the best systems on the market. Each has its stand out features and benefits. Our experienced sales team can help establish which system will be best for you.

Choose Yellowcom for unified communication solutions

We have provided our customers with unified communications for over 6 years. In that time, it has really taken off and is becoming one of the most popular solutions we provide. Every business can feel the benefits of unified communications.

Best solutions

  • All communications in one place
  • Choice of maintenance packages
  • Provider of award-winning phone systems

Yellowcom Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Speak to real people
  • Personal account manager

Save money

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduced need for hardware
  • System updates done remotely

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