What Is FTTP And What Advantages Does It Offer?

As a business owner, no doubt you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your company is firing on all cylinders. One way you can do that is with the installation of fibre to the property (FTTP) broadband. 

Here we’ll be discussing this innovative and revolutionary connection to find out why your business would benefit from having it fitted.


What Is FTTP?

FTTP involves the installation of fibre optic cables that are made from strands of glass or plastic which transmit data using light signals. 

These cables run directly from the internet service provider’s (ISP) central hub into an individual business premises or home. This means you can avoid the limitations of copper-based technologies which can sometimes be slow and unreliable.

At the ISP’s central hub, the fibre optic cables are connected to the broader local internet infrastructure before they’re routed through underground ducts or overhead lines to reach individual premises. Once they’ve been installed, the fibre optic cables will then terminate at a small box called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside your business premises.

The ONT converts the incoming optical signals into electrical signals that can be used by your business’ devices, such as computers, smartphones or routers. 

Benefits Of FTTP

So now we have a decent understanding of what FTTP broadband is and how it differs from a standard internet connection, let’s take a deep dive into its benefits to see why it’s so advantageous:

Rapid Speeds: 

One of the biggest advantages of FTTP is the lightning-fast speeds it delivers. With symmetrical upload and download speeds that can reach gigabit per second levels, FTTP provides the platform for many essential processes such as rapid access to cloud-based applications, lag-free video conferencing and ultra-quick file transfers. 

With FTTP, businesses can avoid any broadband-related issues and provide an unbeatable online experience to customers and employees alike.


Downtime is one of the worst possible situations as it brings your operations to a standstill, costing you money and damaging your reputation with customers and staff.

FTTP broadband provides unmatched reliability, thanks to its fibre optic infrastructure. Unlike copper-based technologies, which are often affected by interference and signal degradation, fibre optics are extremely resilient. This means a stable connection is guaranteed, helping you avoid outages and downtime.


As businesses grow and evolve, in most cases, so do their bandwidth requirements. This is another benefit of FTTP broadband as it offers scalability that allows your business to easily upgrade its internet connection if your data demands happen to increase.

So whether you’re expanding your operations, adopting new technologies that require additional data, or adding new staff to your team, FTTP provides the flexibility to help you scale up your data needs.

Enhanced Security: 

With the increasing cyber threats lurking in the shadows, protecting sensitive business data has never been more important. Thankfully, FTTP broadband offers enhanced security features, including encryption and advanced firewalls, to safeguard your business against cyber threats and unauthorised access. 

In short, fibre optic connections are simply more secure than copper-based, providing business owners like you with peace of mind and keeping your company safe.


Finding An FTTP Provider

When it comes to finding the best provider for your business, there are some considerations you need to make. We’ll list them here, helping you find the best supplier to keep your operations running smoothly:


Although FTTP is fast, some providers offer faster speeds than others. So if speed is important, which it should be for any business, then find a provider that can meet these requirements.


Performance is crucial, and one way to gauge the level of service a provider is offering is to look at reviews. People love to share their experiences when they’ve had a bad experience with internet providers, so take a look at websites like Trustpilot and see what their customers are saying.

You can also seek recommendations from fellow users to gain a comprehensive understanding of a provider’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, friends and family may be well positioned to advise you if their circumstances are similar to your own.


All businesses whether big or small face cyber threats, so the security of your broadband connection is paramount. 

Reputable broadband providers employ robust cybersecurity measures such as advanced firewalls, encryption and regular security updates, all of which help to shield users from cybercriminals.


Compare Providers

So now we know the benefits of FTTP, the question is, how do you go about finding the right supplier? This can be tricky, as wading through the various business broadband providers can be time-consuming, which is never ideal if you’re running a busy company.

Thankfully, we’re on hand to help. As a broadband broker, we have access to hundreds of tariffs from dozens of different companies. We also partner with the UK’s biggest and best broadband providers, including broadband provider of the year 2021 – Plusnet. 

So if you’re looking to switch to FTTP, our expert team can advise accordingly depending on your requirements. We offer an excellent range of broadband solutions, tailored to suit you and your business’s needs.

Comparing broadband for your business providers offers a myriad of benefits, giving you a comprehensive understanding of all of the available options, helping you identify cost-effective plans that mirror your needs.

So those are the main benefits of FTTP. As you can see, this is a highly advanced form of fibre optic that can help your business in a  number of ways.


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